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Our Flock

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We began chicken keeping and breeding several years ago and we have learned that the quality of our chickens is directly related to the genetic quality of their parents. Learning to breed responsibly and in a sustainable manner has been a full time job and we feel we are at the infancy of our education.

Our long term goal is to have our breeding flock of tremendous quality, so that our customers will benefit from getting truly wonderful chicks from us. We are not perfect and likely never will be, but we have made significant improvements in the last year and a half and we will continue to improve.


Our 2022 Breeding Flock

Jill is our flock tender and she is the inspiration behind our breeding stock and she has been finding and buying stock for years now, but the last 2 years she has really stepped up her game! We have invested deeply in quality stock and education. We have been learning the ropes of how to breed and feed our flock. Our breeding birds are selected for good genetics and we are working towards all of our birds being true to the Standard Of Perfection for each breed. This will take us a decade to achieve most likely, but we work towards it.

Meet The Flock
All Pictures below are hens

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