Over recent years, our sawmill has become one of our most prized assets on the farm and one of our most useful. We used the sawmill to produce lumber in order to build our two new barns in the summer of 2020. We have found enjoyment running the sawmill and in our efforts to remain sustainable, we have decided to produce lumber from logs that we will buy from local foresters. Occasionally, logs from our woodlot will be used on the mill, but mostly our logs will be used for our on farm projects, in order to reduce our costs. Unfortunately, logging, whether mechanical or with horses, is not very sustainable or profitable. We will primarily log on our woodlot when it makes sense as part of our woodlot management plan, not to feed our mill, as we would quickly ruin our woodlot.

If you have a project in mind or know you will be looking for some lumber, please use the contact form below or any other means to reach us and we will let you know our pricing and how long it would take for us to help you. When sending a message, please include amounts, sizes, lengths and expected required delivery.

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404 Ravine Road, Lower Norton, New Brunswick E5N 7S9 Canada

Tel: 506-832-3752

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