Farm Products

As a small farm, we need to be creative with how and what we grow, while keeping production costs at the forefront of our minds and we need to handle the task of marketing. We believe in putting our products directly in the hands of our consumers and therefore cutting middle men/women out of the equation. We have our animals processed at provincially licensed abattoirs and we try to sell our meat by the cut (ie: not quarters or halves), again as a way to be sustainably profitable. We also strive to feed ourselves and therefore we tend not specialize in any particular food type, but a great variety and have products available at different times of the year.

Pastured Poultry

We raise heritage breed roosters and cornish cross birds (Meat Kings as they are known) and turkeys. There is a significant difference between our heritage breed roosters and our cornish crosses. The cornish crosses are the same bird raised for the grocery stores and are most closely relatable for the average consumer. Our heritage breed birds are tougher, smaller, different color and flavor and can not be cooked in the same manner as most modern consumers are used to. These birds are best enjoyed in stews, soups or curries or in any preparation using long slow cooking times. These are the birds our great grandmothers would have cooked. Our birds are raised outside in "chicken tractors" which we move daily and this gives them access to fresh grass and bugs. 


Grass Fed Lamb

Our lamb is one of our favorite products personally and we believe deeply in how we raise them. We lamb in the spring and naturally have our lambs weaned from their moms, by their moms. They are grown on pasture only and then processed later in the year. This unfortunately leads us to have lamb only available from August to January, but it also leads to very flavorful and fresh lamb.

We intend to grow our pastured grass fed lamb market slowly over the coming years and we would welcome anyone that is interested to please contact us. We will grow out more lambs each year and expect to grow out 15-20 lambs in 2022 and hopefully 40-50 in 2023.


Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed, pastured beef takes us a great deal of time to raise. We raise our beef for 26-28 months because we do not use any grain products (other than spent grain we get from our local brewery and distillery - Hampton Brewing and Ole Foggy Distillery). We have had tremendous interest in our beef, but the planning/production cycle is so long, that it is difficult to reliably have product available. Another production issue we have for our beef is the amount of pasture they require exceeds our current pasture holdings. In the future, we will look to lease fields locally to expand our herds.

We intend to grow our pastured grass fed beef market slowly over the coming years and we would welcome anyone that is interested to please contact us, if you are patient. We are nearing our predicted overall herd size, as we intend to keep approximately 6-8 nurse cows, each with 2 offspring. As a maximum, we would therefore have 6-8 steers available each year. We expect to process 1-3 steers in 2022 and hopefully 4-5 in 2023.


Woods Grown Mushrooms

We grow Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms in logs harvested from our woodlot. If mother nature cooperates with us, we will be harvesting weekly, beginning mid June and have mushrooms available for purchase and throughout the winter, we will have dehydrated mushrooms available. By the summer of 2022, we will have approximately 500-600 logs in production and another 1200-1500 coming online in the summer of 2023. 


Farm Fresh Eggs

As a byproduct of our Heritage Breed chick sales operation, we have farm fresh eggs available in a rainbow of colors. Many of our farm visitors find the variety of color to be amazing and always ask what the blue ones taste like. All of the eggs taste the same and the color of the shell is related to the breed of chicken that laid them. It is the shell color variety that often leads us to sales of our chicks because backyard chicken keepers like the variety in their own egg baskets. We typically have eggs available weekly and if you would like to get on our weekly list, please contact us.


Farm Produce

We have not produced a great deal of produce in years past, but in 2022, we hope to produce more. We hope to have some basic garden fare and some garlic. Stay tuned for updates in the summer of 2022.