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Honey and Bee Products

We have had bees in the past, but 2021 was a restart for us and we have had many struggles, including a wind storm in December that blew over all 5 hives. Our offering of bee related products will change over time as we hopefully find ways to succeed as bee keepers!

Our Bees

We began 2021 without any bees, but during 2020 winter months, we built hives and swarm traps (see our YouTube videos) in an effort to trap "free" bees. We were unsuccessful in 2020, but in the spring of 2021, we opted to buy 3 hives of bees from friends of ours and later in the year, we successfully trapped a hive of bees and we removed a hive of bees from a woman's house. So going into winter, we had 5 hives. We have had setbacks, but spring of 2022 will tell us how we made out over winter.

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