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The Belding Hill Farms team

Many of you know Jill and/or I personally and know a lot about our journey homesteading. Many of you toured our farm this year and met Jill and I briefly and know a little bit of our story and many that may find their way to this blog post, don’t know us at all yet. Since this is a new platform for us, we felt that we would start from the beginning in order to bring everyone up to speed.

Firstly, we are a multi-generational farm/homestead. Our property has been in Luke’s family for many years. The house we currently live in was built by Luke’s great grandfather in approximately 1880 and we are aware of at least two other houses that were on the property. Farming was also in Jill’s blood, as her father and grandfather ran a small dairy farm and later a beef operation when Jill was about 2 years old.

The values and memories that Jill and I gained from our youth being spent on the farms were important to both of us and when we had children of our own beginning in 2000, we wanted our children to have similar experiences, even if on a smaller scale. So beginning around the spring of 2000, we got meat chicks and throughout the years, we added goats, pigs, egg laying hens, etc. This began our obsession with animals and would change the course of our adult lives eventually.

While our children were young, we mainly went down the same road that many of you would recognize in your own lives. We worked more and harder and longer, in order to earn more money that we now recognize that we spent somewhat foolishly. The more money we spent, the longer the hours we needed to work in order to pay for the money we spent. This viscous cycle ruled our lives for many years! In approximately 2015, we started farming again with vigour after recognizing what we felt were some issues with our current food supply. We increasingly took on new animals in an effort to supply our own food. By now our kids are grown and not very interested in being involved, with the exception of our youngest daughter, who still has 3 dairy cows and she helps feed and care for these 3.

Fast forward to today, we have been blessed this year to be able to share our little farm and our busy life with so many of you all. We have both found tremendous joy sharing our love of our little farm and all our motley crew of animals (most with names, lol) with so many of you. We intend to do that much more often in the coming year and we look forward to talking with many of you again and many of you for the first time. We hope that you will all enjoy this blog and we are hoping Jill will use this platform to entertain so many of you with her hilarious writings that so many of you have enjoyed in the past.

“Feeding minds, bodies and souls”

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