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Sharing Our Experiences

We are planning a few different educational experiences this coming year, as highlighted below and we remain ready to assist with others if there was interest. Please reach out to us with any other ideas or requests you might have. 

Backyard Chicken Keeping

One of the "animals" that began our farming adventure, is our chickens. We have kept chickens for over 10 years now, at different scales and remains one of our passions. We are additionally very passionate about sharing this hobby with others. We sell many baby heritage breed chicks to customers every spring and we pride ourselves in helping the newbies and answering questions they may have.

As an extension to our chicken operation, we feel formal and hands on education is very important. We have received feedback over the years from many people that they find the internet has a great deal of information, but it is very difficult to "wade" through all the contradicting information. We feel that a somewhat informal presentation of information and the opportunity to ask questions that are specific to each participants unique situation, would be of tremendous value. We will begin hosting these events starting in the new year of 2022.


Mushroom Growing

In an effort to grow more of our own food, a few years ago, we began growing mushrooms in logs. For us, this is a very symbiotic relationship, as we use logs that have low commercial value and that we are already thinning from our woodlot, to host our mycelium network that will ultimately grow our mushrooms. These logs will provide the food and the growing medium for our Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms.

We find tremendous interest in growing these mushrooms from our tour guests because this is something that can be done on a very small scale and in a backyard. The process is simple enough and requires little investment of time or money and can be a great way for someone to begin homesteading or providing their own food on a very small scale. We intend to share this knowledge we have gained with others. In exchange for learning, we will ask people to help us inoculate some of our logs and as part of your fee, you will receive a log to take home and the option to buy up to 5 more logs. We will be hosting these events in the spring of 2022. This is an activity that only happens in the spring.






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