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Our Offerings

Since we are a very small farm by modern standards, we need to be creative with our offerings. We try to have items that we can offer in different months, to allow us to have cash flow throughout the year. This works very well considering our natural world is seasonal also. We try to be mindful of the seasons and what our natural world has to offer.

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Homesteading has taught us that no-one is an expert (well certainly not us, lol). We have found that by sharing our education and experience with others, we may be able to either encourage someone who would like to start homesteading or we can save someone going through the same pain points we went through. In the spirit of this, we offer various educational opportunities.


One of our cornerstones of our farm is our tourism operations. We have found great joy in sharing our way of life with people and introducing people to our loveable farm animals, each with their own story of their life and of how they are used on our farm.


We produce grass fed and grass finished, nutrient dense beef and lamb and pasture raised heritage breed pork. We raise our animals from birth to processing to ensure we can vouch for their entire lifes journey. We raise animals ethically and responsibly with daily love and the occasional swearing (lol). We feel the swearing really makes them taste better. LOL


Our sawmill has been another pillar for our farming operation in recent years. With our sawmill and logs from our woodlot, in the summer of 2020 (the year of the lumber crisis), we were able to build two barns by only buying $52 of commercial lumber. We occasionally offer some rough sawn lumber, specifically cedar and large beams (we can't compete with local sawmills on standard lumber) and including hardwood lumber and live edge slabs. Primarily, we use our lumber for our own on farm projects.

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